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    ISO 9001:2005
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    IATF 16949

Our company started working in 2005 as a design office with 3 people in an area of ​​50 m² in Buttim building and work staff of 5 people in a workshop of 250 m² in a Küçük Sanayi industrial site.

In 2006, We went to our own new place with design and production teams together to Demirciler industrial site.

Due to our rapidly growing business volume, we continued to grow by renting two separate workshops as well as our own workshop.

In 2008 due to the assembly and production lines projects  , our existing places were not enough and we moved to our new location in the OSB industrial site.

In 2013 with the start of the serial production to automotive industry as Tier 2 producer which have different production disciplines with respect to the machine / fixture , we have moved to our new site with a closed area of 1500m² which will allow different arrangements in the NOSAB Industrial Site.

Especially based on the knowledge and skills due to our automotive experience , without compromising on quality with continuous improvement philosophy with following the latest technological developments in design, production, assembly, automation and commissioning activities, we continue to do our best for our customers.


Eyüp Yüksel
General Manager