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  • Kalite Yönetimi

    ISO 9001:2005
  • Otomotiv Kalite Yönetimi

    IATF 16949

ABB and Comaurobots are used in design and mass production in Simetrik Dizayn. All programming, tuning and commissioning processes of carried out precisely. Robot automation and mechanical matching are completely organized according to product capabilities. The motion workload of the robot is provided by conventional automations made with PLC and HMI. Thus, more controlled and stabilized systemsoccurs. In addition, the use of security equipment is at the top. The commissioning is completed as soon as possible by the help of Robostudio software. Convenience and quick commissioning are ensured with the prepared robot routines. The software (PLC, HMI, Scada) specially develops according to machine and process. From small panel assemblies to complex projects such as line projects specialized brands are used in every job.

– Siemens Softwares: TiaPortal, SimaticManager, WinCC, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500
– RexrothProducts: Indra engineering, L series, PLC and motion controllers,
– Others: Mitsubishi, Beckoff, Schenider, Vago, Lg, ecc.
– Special Processes: Camera Controlled Systems, ServoPress Applications, Measuring Systems with LVDT probes, RFID Tracing and Data Collecting Systems

In addition to electrical automation, Pneumatic and Hydraulic automation systems also use quality markers and special equipment.